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Automated Invoice Interface (AII/RLF)

Our Automated Invoice Interface (AII) Procedures application is fully integrated with Import & ABI Procedures. It allows invoice data to be transmitted to U.S. Customs via ABI, improving the probability of receiving Paperless Entry Summaries. This process, also referred to as Electronic Invoice Program (EIP), was implemented by Customs in 1993 to allow you to clear cargo from specific Customs ports for most formal and informal entries.

As with all our other ABI applications, we have created a very complete program that conforms to ABI's specifications. The AII program will allow you to handle a wide variety of invoice situations. Once you are operational on AII, you may start using the Remote Location Filing (RLF) feature to electronically file formal or informal entries from a location other than where the goods will arrive or will be examined.



In order to begin filing remotely, you must apply for a National Permit from CBP and successfully complete the EIP/RLF Harmonized Operational Approval Test Package with your assigned ABI Client Representative.

ASCI of Miami can help you determine which steps you need to take in order to begin the process. And as always, training is part of the set-up fee for this and all of our programs.


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