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Ocean AMS

In 2002, Customs launched the 24-Hour Advance Vessel Manifest Rule, which requires that ocean carriers provide electronic documentation of their shipments 24 hours before the cargo is loaded on a ship at the foreign port of loading. In response, ASCI of Miami is pleased to offer Bill of Lading Procedures, our own Ocean AMS program designed to help you meet those requirements easily and efficiently.

With ASCI's time-saving features and easy data entry, Bills of Lading can be processed quickly and effectively. Best of all, Internal data verification ensures that you are sending accurate manifest information to US Customs.

Additional Options AMS Functions Reports Processed
  • Handle all your AMS processing with accuracy and better controls, maintaining inventory with warehouse location assignment
  • Default values, Look-up, and Copy From features
  • Send Manifest information to AMS
  • Establish and cancel voyage departure information
  • Arrive In-Bonds and Local Transfers
  • Authorize delivery and keep inventory
  • Receive notifications about Releases, In-Bonds, Local Transfers, Holds, G.O.'s, and more
  • Bills of Lading
  • Activity Report
  • In-Bond Movement Report
  • Local Transfers Report
  • Container Report
  • Delivered B/L Report
  • G.O. Shipments Report
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